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  • Anh Thơ

    Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam


    Cảm ơn San và Mark rất nhiều ạ. Sau khóa học IELTS cùng San và Mark e đã đạt được 6.0 speaking và 6.5 writting. Những gì e đạt được sau khóa học ko chỉ là kiến thức về IELTS để hoàn tất hồ sơ du học mà còn là những kĩ năng cần thiết cho việc học ở môi trg mới(nhờ có Mark mà e mới sửa đc những silly mistakes khi viết đấy ạ), học speaking cùng San đã giúp e cải thiện kĩ năng nói rất nhiều và tự tin hơn khi giao tiếp bằng TA. Trong quá trình học e còn đc San và Mark tư vấn trong chọn trg, góp ý cho SoP và CV nữa. P/s 1: hope to see you in England P/s 2: can't wait to see your designs, San. Hehe
  • Chu Phương Ngân

    Hanoi College of Education


    My Speaking and Writing score was very low ( S: 5.5 , W: 5.0) when I took IELTS in June, 2012. I found it difficult to write properly or develop my ideas logically in speaking. I am happy that I enrolled for IELTS Speaking and Writing course(only 34 lessons)with San and Mark Adams. My beloved teachers helped me to understand and master IELTS writing structure under pressure of time. They also gave me detail feedback so I can recognise my weekness and my strength. The class is different from other language centres because of the limited number of students( maximum 10 students per class) and interaction between teacher and students. I was also really enjoyed activities in the class at the end of week.We had lot of funs and able to understand eachother better.I could not believe my IELTS result score after the course: Writing : 6.0 and especially Speaking : 7.0 (Overall : 6.5)!!! It is far from my expectation. I am going to study in Germany next month but I would like to send a big thank to San and Mark :) I am really appreciated your help.
  • Hà Phương

    Phan Đình Phùng High School


    Thank you so muchhhhhhhh! I got 6.5 for overall. I've sent detail to Mark's email.
  • Nguyễn Phúc Tân



    Hi San, I've already received the ielts score this morning. My overall score is 6.0, speaking ís 6.5 and writing is 6.0. Thank you and Mark very muchhhh :)
  • Hoàng Minh Trang

    National Economics University


    Aaaaa e có kq rồi!! Listening 7.5 Reading 8 Writing 6.5 Speaking 7.5 Overall 7.5. Cám ơn anh chị nhiều a: xx

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