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  • IELTS Speaking Part 2 is the most difficult part in the IELTS Speaking test. Many students think it is essential to include as many advanced words and grammar structures as possible in their answers. However, this may make their answers sound unnatural.


    A good answer must include both common and uncommon vocabulary. Please look at the following example.


    [Translation: Phần 2 của bài thi nói IELTS có lẽ là phần khó nhất. Rất nhiều học sinh nghĩ rằng càng dùng nhiều từ ngữ và cấu trúc ngữ pháp phức tạp thì càng được điểm cao. Tuy nhiên, điều này sẽ làm bài nói trở nên cứng nhắc, thiếu tự nhiên. Thay vào đó, người nói cần sử dụng kết hợp cả từ vựng phổ biến và tư vựng học thuật để bài nói có sự hài hòa, cân bằng và tự nhiên hơn. Cùng nhìn ví du sau để thấy sư kết hợp giữa văn phong học thuật và văn phong nói]. 



    Describe a useful skill that you learned.
    – what is is
    – when you learned it
    – how you learned it
    – why you find it useful


    This is my sample answer:


    There are many skills I have learned but I find baking skills the most useful.
    I was not into baking that much but after watching a Korean drama about passionate bakers, I felt inspired to learn how to bake a cake. I browsed the Internet to look for basic baking recipes and video instructions.
    After several attempts, I successfully made a light, airy sponge cake and my husband loved it.
    There are several reasons why baking skills are extremely useful to me. I live in Vietnam and cakes sold in bakeries here do not always meet hygienic standards. That’s why it’s much safer to have home-made cakes.
    Also, being able to bake means I can choose the ingredients I want and how they should be used. My husband suffers from migraine so he cannot have store bought cakes as they are too sweet. So my home-made cakes, which are low in sugar, are the only ones he can enjoy. He’s always over the moon when he has them.
    Baking is now one of my greatest passions and I feel really proud of myself when I have many people complimenting on how moreish my home-made cakes are.



    Some advanced words used in my answer:


    1) hygienic = clean
    2) migraine = severe headache
    3) store bought cakes= cakes bought in store
    4) low in sugar = not much sugar
    5) over the moon = happy
    6) moreish = having a very pleasant taste and making you want to eat more


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    San Adams.

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