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  • Ngày  12/4/2015  phần thi viết task 2 IELTS có chủ đề như sau: 



    Some people think the main purpose of education is to make individuals useful to society, others say education helps them to achieve personal ambitions. Discuss both views and give your opinion”



    Sau đây là bài viết rất hay và cực kì học thuật của thầy Mark để giúp sĩ tử tham khảo và viết về chủ đề này tốt hơn nhé:


    As time has passed, the general level of education around the world has been seen to improve. A widespread increase in average wages and an increase in the availability of both schools and universities are two contributory reasons for this. With more and more money being invested in education by both the private sector and governments alike, it is germane to discuss the exact purpose of education in order to determine whether education benefits primarily the individual involved or society as a whole. The following essay will provide the merits of both views in turn. 

    Beginning with the view that education exists to satisfy the needs of society, it can be argued that, without education, a society would dissolve, no matter the quality of its constituents. Were an entire generation to abstain from any form of education, services that have become essential to modern society would be left unavailable. Without the technical proficiency to maintain them, factories would eventually fall silent and the infrastructure of the modern world would rapidly fall into disrepair. In addition, with healthcare services requiring extended periods of training, the populace would likely soon suffer to a similar or worse extent. Therefore, due to its importance in providing society with a useful and knowledgeable labour force, the acquisition of education can be seen as a responsibility that an individual must take on to contribute towards the maintenance of a functional society.

    Turning to an alternative viewpoint, there are those who mainly view education as a tool to empower the individual. From an individual’s perspective, an education can open pathways to new opportunities, both occupational and social. While it is possible, it is usually unlikely for those who were limited to primary and secondary education alone to achieve higher incomes, due to the demands placed upon the occupations that tend to provide such incomes. As a result, depending on the culture of those in question, the majority of potential students are likely to be largely motivated by this factor as it has a direct and measurable impact on their lives.

    To conclude, while the motivations of each student may well vary, the overall purpose of education would appear to be to allow individuals to fit necessary niches within society. Although those undergoing the process of education might not be fully aware that it is happening, the financial and social opportunities that they are aiming for when they pursue primary, secondary and tertiary education are dictated by the needs of society as a whole.

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